Which Wall Pack is Right for You?

When it comes to outdoor security lighting, there are many different options to choose from. The category being touched on in this post is Wall Packs. Wall Packs come in a variety of styles, brightness levels, price points, and efficiencies. To make picking the perfect wall pack for your application a little easier, we will break these options down.

Wallpack Options at a Glance

LED Retrofit Lamps
If your fixture housing is fine, enjoy the benefits of LED by simply removing the ballast and re-lamping with an LED flat corn light.

Traditional-Style Fixtures
Unobtrusive styling pairs well with significant energy savings.

Full Cutoff Fixtures
Dark-sky-friendly luminaires prevent light contamination of the night sky.

Keeping Your Existing Wall Pack Fixtures & Converting them to LED

The first choice to make is whether you want to convert your existing wall pack fixtures to LED or get all-new ones. Either way, we can help!

Retrofitting your current wall packs will result in savings, since you won’t need to purchase an entirely new fixture. If you decide to upgrade your existing fixtures, our Flat Corn Light Retrofit Lamps will help turn your metal halide wall packs into super-energy-efficient LED-powered lights.

However, retrofitting isn’t always an option if your current fixtures aren’t in great shape. If you instead choose to buy completely new wall packs, ELEDLIGHTS has a number of styles—from traditional designs, to full cutoff fixtures, there will be something for every application.

Selecting All-New LED Wall Pack Fixtures

Interested in a traditional look? Then our largest category of Standard LED Wall Packs, is a great place to start. The Semi Cutoff fixtures in this category range from low cost 40W fixtures, to mid-range, well balanced 65W and 90W fixtures, to super bright options of 120W and higher.

But maybe you want a traditional wall pack design that includes additional features. This is where our Solar, Photocell, and Adjustable options come into play (all of which you can find in our Standard Wall Pack category listed above).

Solar wall packs are a great option if you are looking for the most eco-friendly alternative to metal halides. By consuming a very low wattage and putting out equivalent lumens to comparable lighting, our solar lights could reduce your energy consumption by 500%!

To take advantage of energy-saving technology, you should choose a Photocell wall pack. This wall pack design will reduce the amount of light wasted by only illuminating your outdoor area during the times when it is needed most.

To effectively light walkways that are set off from the building, illuminate a sign, or showcase your building's architectural features, you may want an Adjustable wall pack. Whether you are looking for a more economically priced option for areas where less brightness is needed, or one that will be best for high-lumen applications, ELEDLIGHTS has you covered.

Moving outside of standard wall packs, our second largest selection can be found in the Full Cutoff LED Wall Packs category. This type of wall pack is best suited for organizations looking for dark-sky compliant fixtures, or who simply wish to diminish the amount of up-light emitted from their property.

The full cutoff options can be split into two sub-groups: ones with adjustable heads and ones without. The adjustable heads on our full cutoff lights allow for more precise illumination of key spots or hard to reach places.

We Can Help

Ready to purchase or still aren’t sure which wall pack is right for you? Reach out to us at, (215) 355-7200, or through the Live Chat at the bottom corner of our website. Our team of experts will walk you through your options so you can find the perfect light for your outdoor lighting upgrade.