The Importance of Lighting Design in Commercial Spaces and How LED Lights Can Help

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any commercial space, whether an office, retail store, or industrial facility. The right lighting improves the comfort, safety, and productivity of employees while creating a welcoming and attractive environment for customers.

However, achieving the right lighting design is not always easy, especially when you're working with a large, complex space. That's where ELEDLights can help.

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The Importance of Lighting Design

Good lighting design is crucial for creating a functional, comfortable, and attractive commercial space. The right lighting can:

  • Improve visibility and safety: Adequate lighting is essential for preventing accidents and creating a safe working environment.
  • Enhance productivity: The right lighting can improve focus and reduce eye strain, which can boost productivity and help employees stay alert.
  • Create atmosphere: Lighting can be used to set the mood and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that encourages customers to spend more time in your commercial space.
  • Highlight key features: Lighting can be used to highlight key features of your commercial space, such as displays, artwork, or architectural features.

LED Lighting and Your Commercial Space

LED lights offer many advantages over traditional lighting options, making them ideal for lighting design in commercial spaces. Here are some of the ways that LED lights can help:

  • Energy Efficiency: The high energy efficiency of LED lights reduces your company's carbon footprint and your energy spending. Their lower operating temperature can reduce your air conditioning costs as well.
  • Customizability: LED lights can be highly customizable, between field-selectable options, advanced controls, and more. Get the optimum color temperature, brightness, and beam angle for each space's needs.
  • Long Lifespan: LED lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting options. This can add up to big savings on maintenance costs: replacement lamps, labor, and scaffolding or bucket truck rentals. They're also covered by long warranties. Traditional lights come with 1- to 2-year warranties; the average warranty on LED lighting is 5 years.
  • Easy Installation: LED lights are typically lighter and more compact than traditional lights, which makes them easier to install and handle.
  • Eligible for Incentives: Many utilities offer energy-efficiency incentives for LED lighting. These can pay for a portion—sometimes a significant portion—of your new lights and controls, making it that much easier to invest in energy-saving LED lighting.

Lighting Design, ELEDLights, and Your Commercial Space

More than a lighting supplier, ELEDLights makes its in-house lighting pros available to customers for free. That's zero cost, as long as you source your lights through us.

Don't guess at what you need: know it! Here are some of the services we can provide for your commercial space:

  • Lighting Layout: If you have a simple space, like a warehouse, an open office, or a service bay, we can specify lights and give you a light spacing plan based on the space and what the space is used for.
  • Photometric Layout: For more complex lighting needs, we can work up a digital simulation of light output. You'll have a clear idea not just of the quantity of lights but the quality of lighting, before you finalize your lighting purchase. And, you can give this plan to your lighting installer to ensure your end result meets your expectations.
  • Architectural Lighting Design: When aesthetics matter most, you'll want more than a photometric layout. A concept design and 3D renderings go that much further in making sure you get exactly what you're expecting when your new lights are installed.

Lighting design is crucial for creating a functional, comfortable, and attractive commercial space. ELEDLights provides top-notch lighting services at no charge when lights are sourced through us. We can provide customer referrals upon request if you have any questions about our quality, thoroughness, or professionalism.

When you're ready to talk with our pros about your lighting project, get started with a free lighting consultation or submit the form below: