No More Dull Lighting at This Gym

In Strength Enterprises LLC was tired of running their workout sessions in dull, yellow lighting. Corey, owner of the company, decided it was time to get rid of their old fluorescents and upgrade to something brighter and long-lasting.

The company converted to LEDs, purchasing and installing 300 of our 4ft Frosted LED Tubes for their gym. You can see the installation in progress here—the blue-tinted lights are the fixtures running the new cool white LED tubes:

Our 4ft LED tubes use 44% less energy than fluorescents, and last 66% longer (50,000 hours instead 30,000)! These tubes produce 2,300 lumens of light, so bright that many businesses reduce the number of their original fixtures. You can even choose a frosted lens for a conventional appearance or clear for a fashionable, high tech look.

In Strength Enterprises LLC purchased these tubes in 5000K, which is a cool white tone which will brighten up the room and give it a clean and clear look.

“The place looks great! Thank you again for everything,” Corey told us.

ELEDLIGHTS offers several effective and easy to install options for updating your drop-ceiling lighting, from LED tubes and strips to retrofit existing fluorescent troffer lights to LED panel lights to replace your old fixtures entirely. Check out our Drop Ceiling Lighting department.