Upgrading Suspended Ceilings with LED Light Panels: A Stunning Transformation for a Nevada Business

Discover how Coral LLC, a prominent natural minerals supplier, elevated the lighting in their Nevada office with cutting-edge LED ceiling panel. Whether you have suspended ceiling grids or flat, smooth ceilings, our LED panel lights are the perfect solution for an energy-efficient upgrade that looks great.

Coral LLC worked with ELEDLights to add state-of-the-art LED panel lights into their workspace. Since they needed LED lighting for suspended ceilings and for flat, smooth-surface ceilings—choosing the right lighting solution was essential. The answer came in the form of highly efficient LED ceiling panels.

Drop ceiling led light panels seamlessly replaced their outdated fluorescent troffers. This not only resulted in significant energy savings but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal by evenly distributing light across the diffuser. On their flat ceilings, the same LED ceiling panels were used but panel light frames were added to mount the lights during install.

A total of twenty-one high-efficiency 2x4 LED panel lights were strategically placed across the Coral LLC offices, updating the entire workspace with improved illumination. According to Jason, an enthusiastic team member at Coral LLC, "The entire office is thrilled with the transformation, and now we're considering bringing this brilliant lighting upgrade to our warehouse!"

LED ceiling panel lights go beyond just reducing your electricity bill; they emit a natural light quality that enhances the overall ambiance. Our panels are designed for hassle-free installation and boast a maintenance-free experience—eliminating the need for bulb replacements throughout their impressive 50,000-hour average operating life.

See the project photos below to witness the change brought about by the new LED lighting. If you're inspired to achieve a similar upgrade for your business, reach out to our lighting experts at the contact info below.