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LED Panel Lights Upgrade Both Suspended & Flat Ceilings at Nevada Business

Coral LLC, a supplier of natural minerals, recently added a glow to their office with new LED panel lights . The company had two types of ceilings in their property: suspended ceiling grids and flat, smooth ceilings. The high efficiency panel lights they purchased from ELEDLIGHTS offered a unique flexibility in installation. For the suspended ceilings, the panel lights were easy drop-in replacements for the existing fluorescent troffers, and they offered significant energy savings over the old lights along with some aesthetic improvement in light distribution across the diffuser. For the flat ceilings, the panels were mounted using panel light frames to create a striking look with excellent light coverage.

In all, twenty-one high efficiency 2x4 LED panel lights were installed throughout the offices.

"The whole office loves them, and now we want to put them into our warehouse!" Jason said.

ELEDLIGHTS' panel lights give off natural color and appearance in light quality, providing customers with an upgrade to fluorescent lighting that improves more than just the electricity bill. In addition, our LED panels are super easy to install and are maintenance-free—no bulb changes required—throughput their 50,000-hour average operating life.

Check out the photos below to see how attractive their new lighting is. If you're interested in making a similar transformation at your business, you can shop our LED Panel Lights or explore our full range of LED drop ceiling lighting solutions.