Why wait to outfit your car wash with energy- and maintenance-saving LED lighting? Between utility rebates and financing options, you can upgrade your lighting right now without paying a dime up front, then make payments out of the savings in your monthly electricity bill. Make your car wash a greener business, plus drop the hassle of replacing burned-out lamps every time you turn around. ELEDLights offers a wide selection of lighting for all areas of your car wash business, such as:

Wet Location Fixtures for Inside Car Wash Bays

Vapor proof LED lights and IP65, IP66, and IP67-rated lights are built to withstand water jets and resist corrosion. They also feature an average lamp life of 50,000 hours, which means you could run them 24/7 for more than five years before you'd have to even think about replacing them. Over that time, you could save as much as $500 per fixture in utility costs, plus the cost of annual replacements for burned-out lamps.

Exterior Lighting

From wall packs for building facades to bright, energy-efficient pole-mounted lights to make sure your car wash continues to look safe and inviting after the sun goes down, we have you covered. All our exterior lighting comes with a 5-year warranty and an operating life more than twice that.

Bright Signage

If your signage depends on fluorescent tubes, they're probably flickering out on you every other year. How would you like to go more than a decade without having to replace your sign lamps? Switching them out for LED sign lighting tubes is easy, and you can do it without replacing your sign box.

Office Areas

Many car washes are unattended these days, but for those that do have a cashier or other office setting, you can update both your lighting and your look with sleek, modern LED panel lights.

Visit our new LED carwash lighting section to see our full selection of lights for your business, or contact our team today to find out how much your business can save and how you can convert to LED and pay less per month than you already are for your lighting.