How to Save Money on Your Lighting Upgrade with Energy Rebates

Energy efficiency rebates can be complicated, but we are here to help.

What are Rebates and Who Qualifies?

Rebates are incentives offered by utility companies across America for commercial customers who want to upgrade to energy efficient lighting.

Your upfront expenses can be lowered significantly by energy efficiency rebates. Approved rebates always cover part of the cost, and could even cover up to 100%, of your lighting purchase!

When and How are Rebates Paid?

This depends on whether you choose to get an instant rebate through ELEDLIGHTS or go through an application process with your utility company. Typically, you will choose between these options:

  • Rebates received instantly, without waiting for rebate approval, are called Midstream rebates. These are available through participating distributors, like ELEDLIGHTS, and are applied at the point-of-purchase.
  • Rebates received after applying to a rebate program are traditional rebates, called Prescriptive or Downstream. Once you are approved by your utility company and the project is completed, you will receive your rebate.

While instant rebates are easier, they are not always available, and keep in mind that the payback amount isn’t always as high as with traditional rebates. To skip the application process and receive an instant rebate, check if the Midstream option is available for your fixture by using our rebate finder tool.

Before receiving a traditional, Downstream/Prescriptive rebate, you should start with planning what products you will be purchasing, researching utility program details, and assessing pre/post requirements.

If you decide on seeking a traditional rebate, you will need to fill out a rebate application. In some cases, though, our team at ELEDLIGHTS may be able to fill out this paperwork on your behalf. If you are interested in this assistance, feel free to contact our sales team.

After your application is submitted, there will likely be a waiting period, but we offer Net 60 Financing, which can cover the cost of the lights while your rebate is being processed.

What about Getting Pre-Approval?

If you are seeking a Downstream/Prescriptive rebate, then you may be subject to pre-approval requirements.

There are 3 possibilities when it comes to pre-approval:

  1. Approval required from the utility company before you purchase your fixture.
  2. Approval required from the utility company before you install your fixture.
  3. No Pre-approval is required!

When using our rebate finder tool, you can check the “notes” section of the rebate for pre-approval information. However, we strongly suggest also checking the requirements listed on your utility company’s website. If your utility company needs to approve your fixture prior to purchase or install, it is important to know this information well ahead of time.

What Else Might My Utility Company Ask for?

Your utility company may require the following:

Pre- or Post-inspection

The utility company may complete one of two kinds of inspections:

  • Pre-inspection verifies existing equipment, your building type, and the hours of operation, prior to install.
  • Post-inspection verifies whether the approved fixtures were installed.


Some policies explain how your old fixtures should be disposed of. Often, they require the items to be recycled.

Photo Documentation

Some utility companies may ask for before/after photos of your lighting project to verify the removed & installed fixtures.

Ready for Rebates? Here’s How to Get Started!

See how much you can save on new LED fixtures with our Payback Calculator Tool. This tool not only shows you the energy and utility cost savings but also how much you could save on the cost of the lights & installation labor through energy rebates and incentives.

How to Use the Calculator

Choose your Existing Type & Fixture
Select your New Category & Fixture
Add the Quantity of Old & New Fixtures
List Equipment Costs
Type your Zip Code
Receive your Results!

Or you can use our Rebate Finder Tool to gather info on available rebates by product category & incentive type ("prescriptive" or "midstream").

How to Use the Rebate Finder

Select Product Category
Add your Zip Code
Choose your Utility Company
Decide between Midstream or Prescriptive (Downstream)
Click Share or Download to Receive Results
View your Possible Savings!

If you have any trouble, you can reach us at, (215) 355-7200, or through the Live Chat at the bottom corner of our website. We will find and process every lighting rebate your company qualifies for, allowing you to purchase our lights at the lowest possible cost.