ELEDLights Helps Replace Tennis Court Lighting After Hurricane

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall, affecting 13 million residents. The total cost of the damage neared $200 billion, more than any natural disaster in US history thus far. While the area was still in recovery, a contractor who has worked with us in the past reached out to ELEDLights on behalf of one of their clients who was looking to replace lights and poles on their tennis court that had been damaged in the storm.

The Jennings, Louisiana-based electrical contract decided that the damage presented as good an opportunity as any to switch out their old metal halide fixtures to more energy-efficient LED lighting.

By replacing their original metal halides with a range of efficient LED flood lights, ELEDLights was able to save this client $700-800 a year on their energy bills.

Making use of top-of-the-line lighting software and guidelines, we were able to offer our customer the layout depicted below, providing them with the lighting coverage that they needed while staying within the constraints of their budget.

You can also see a simulation that we generated and provided to the contractor working with us to show to his customer in order to give them a better idea of what the final result would look like. If you are interested in this type of lighting layout, check out all the Design Services we offer. We’re happy to provide these service to any clients who need assistance mapping out the lighting in their facilities, just reach out to us for a consultation.

If you’re thinking about making the conversion to LED for your facility, there’s no need to wait. Contact the lighting experts at ELEDLights today for an initial consultation on your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.