Customizable LED Lighting Solutions for Every Job

As a contractor or electrician, you know how important it is to have lighting solutions that can meet the unique requirements of each job. ELEDLights provides a range of flexible lighting options that ease your workload and ensure all your lighting jobs are a shining success.

Field Selectable Solutions

Color-tunable LED lighting offers the ability to create the right ambiance and mood for each space. This type of lighting allows you to select from a range of color temperatures, from warm and inviting to cool and invigorating, to create the perfect lighting environment for each distinct area. Because the color options are built in, you need only specify one SKU and you'll be able to cover a range of customer needs.

Wattage-selectable lighting provides the flexibility to adapt the level of brightness to different areas within a project. As with color-tunable, a single SKU can accommodate a variety of needs within a single project, from functioning as low bay lighting in a shipping area to illuminating the racks in a warehouse with a 30-foot ceiling.

Often, you'll find that field-selectable lighting offers both color and wattage selection options, for maximum in-the-field adaptability.

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Sophisticated Control

Smart controls are another way to customize LED lighting. LED lights can easily be integrated with sensors, controllers, and wireless networks to create smart, flexible, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Many utilities are now providing rebates for advanced lighting controls that improve the efficiency of the customer's lighting system. Such rebates, whether on lighting controls or the new lights themselves, can help you come in with a lower bid.   

After-Market Adaptations

A standard LED luminaire can double as emergency lighting with the installation of an emergency back-up driver. This simple customization ensures your customers meet building codes and are prepared for power outages and other emergency situations.

When fluorescent fixtures are retrofitted or replaced, mercury-containing fluorescent tubes become waste that needs to be disposed of properly. When you build recycling kits into your job quotes, disposal is as simple as sliding tubes into recycling cartons with pre-paid shipping labels and calling the shipping carrier to pick them up. No more special trips to a hazardous waste location to drop them off. And, when the tubes arrive at their destination, their components and materials will be responsibly re-used or recycled. It's no hassle for you, and no hassle for your customer.

How We Help You Do Your Job Better, Faster, and for Less

The flexibility of today's LED lighting ensures that you have the right solution for every job, no matter what the requirements may be. Partnering with ELEDLights as your lighting supplier will position you as the go-to source for your customers' lighting upgrades and installations.

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