New Refrigerated Case Freezer Lighting Cuts Electricity Usage in Half

Cole's Market in Montrose, New York, shined a light on their cold drinks when they replaced the fluorescent tube lights in their walk-in coolers with long-life, cool-running, energy-efficient LED tubes. They snapped some photos for us in the middle of their installation. Take a look at the difference!

Converting from fluorescent to LED application: reach-in coolers

Cole's Market lights up their reach-in coolers. (New LED lights left, old fluorescents right.

Midway through installing new LED lights in refrigerated display cases at a market

Bright new LED lights vs. existing fluorescent lights at Cole's Market

New LED tube lights brighten freezer cases

Freezer cases get a makeover with LED freezer lights

New LED lighting in seafood case at Cole's Market

The seafood looks delicious under Cole's new cooler light tubes.

Cole's market is a third-generation family business that provides its community with fresh seafood, meats, produce, and gourmet groceries.