Commercial Kitchen Makes Full Transition to 8ft LED Lighting

R.C. Electronics, a security company that provides surveillance camera and lighting systems, recently assisted a client in converting fluorescent lighting to LEDs. A commercial kitchen received a full upgrade when all of their 8ft flickering or burned out fluorescent tubes were removed and replaced with high lumen 8ft LED tubes from ELEDLights. The client ultimately decided to make a complete transition to LED lights due to the long life of LED products and the lower maintenance costs.

Robert Courtemanche, of R.C. Electronics, noted, "Burnt out ballasts and tubes made for hazardous conditions in an area where knives and slicers are used daily. So, this conversion of all of the 8ft tubes to LEDs made sense and improved safety conditions." The conversion from fluorescents to 8ft LED lights took only 15 minutes per fixture.

Impressed with the value of the product, Courtemanche added, "The quality of the product is very high by looking at the finish of the plastic ends on the tubes and packaging. Another great assist was the clips on the 8 footers, to prevent sag and provide additional security in the food prep area. No more clear sleeves and end caps for the fluorescents which were required for glass tubes."

Some local building codes and safety regulations do not allow lighting fixtures in food prep areas to have unsecured or unenclosed fluorescent tubes. The glass tubes must be enclosed in clear plastic sleeves and secured with a tie wrap to prevent the tubes from shattering if hit by something and/or falling out of the fixture. The plastic and aluminum construction of our LED tubes alleviates this problem.

"The project will expand to other parts of this client's business. The client is monitoring the finished install for future use of the LEDs. I am happy and so is the client," Courtemanche concluded.

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