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Back in May, one of our customers, Matthew, purchased and installed 8ft Ultra High Lumen Tubes in his garage. Extremely satisfied with the bright white light and huge upgrade, Matthew wrote in to give a glowing review.

"They arrived in excellent condition, no damage and shipping was timely" Matthew said.

With a little bit of our help, we taught Matthew how to properly install the lights:

"I called on the phone and the call was answered by a man at your business. He was very helpful and provided instructions on how to complete the wiring installation for the LED tubes. The instructions were easy to understand, and the overall installation was very simple. After completing the installation of the tubes and turning on the lights, I was very satisfied with the speed of start up, and the amount of light provided by these lights. Bright white! Excellent for lighting up my work space, very impressed and satisfied!" Matthew exclaimed.

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Our 8ft Ultra High Lumen Tubes produce 65% more brightness than standard 8ft tubes with barely an increase in wattage, producing 6,930 lumens at just 42W! These tubes can decrease your power bill by nearly 50%!

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