LED Shop Lights Help Legally Blind Man to See

LED Shop Lights Help Legally Blind Man to See

Larry, from Red Beard Bean LLC, has a large workshop with twelve HO fluorescent tubes. He recently reached out to ELEDLights because he wanted to improve the lighting in his workshop for his wife and son. Larry's wife and son unfortunately both suffer from a rare genetic eye disorder called Retinitis Pigmentosa. This disorder causes the breakdown and loss of cells in the retina- which is the light sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. Larry’s son and wife have difficulty seeing at night, which drove him to make this upgrade to LED lighting, in hope of improving their vision in the workshop.

Larry installed twelve Ultra High Lumen 8ft LED Tubes with Rotatable HO Ends in his shop lights. These particular 8-foot LED shop light replacement tubes are 65% brighter than regular 8ft tubes! It’s brightest shop light tube we offer, producing 6,600 lumens at just 44W, while only using a fraction of the electricity.

8ft LED shop light tube compared to 8ft fluorescent shop light tube

Our 8FT LED shop light tube (left) compared to the fluorescent shop light tube (right) these ultra high lumen shop lights are replacing.

After installing the lights, Larry's legally blind son went out into the garage by himself. He came back into the house moments later, completely shaken up. Larry said that his son could see in the garage. His wife can also now go into the garage without any sort of assistance from Larry.

The workshop is now clear and bright enough for everyone in the family to see.

This lovely story certainly made our day when we heard it, but we want to point out that we are not promising any health benefits from our LED lights. We just wanted to share this great story about how our product could help a nice family – it certainly makes working hard that much more fulfilling.

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