PECO Commercial Customers

New Lights for $1.00 + Tax

With financial incentives offered by PECO Ways to Save, it's more affordable than ever for companies like yours to upgrade to high efficiency lighting. And ELEDLights makes it easier than ever for companies to take advantage of PECO's program. Now you can upgrade your company's lighting, inside and out, at very little cost, then enjoy big savings on your energy bill for years to come.

Just choose how you want to get started:

Option 1

Self Service Shopping

  1. Explore our rebate-eligible lighting collection for cost-effective LED upgrades.
  2. Estimate your savings with the Find Instant Rebates feature.
  3. Let ELEDLights confirm your eligibility.
  4. Upon verification, we'll send you a quote for the lights you've selected, with your PECO Ways to Save rebate taken as a credit.

Option 2

Rely on Our Expertise

  1. Tell us about your current lighting.
  2. Sit back while our experts put together a plan that includes replacement lights, all the PECO Ways to Save incentives you qualify for, and the annual energy cost savings of the lighting upgrade.
  3. With your approval, we put the rebate through as a credit on your lighting order, significantly reducing the cost of new lights for your company.

Real Customer Savings

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