Is it worth it to upgrade your lighting? Whether you have fluorescent, metal halide, or even older LED lights, you may be able to save your company some significant costs with an upgrade. And this is even without taking potential energy rebates into account.

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You May Be Eligible to Reduce the Cost of Your New Lighting

Many utilities across the U.S. offer energy efficiency rebates and incentives for commercial customers. These incentives can offset a significant portion of your new lighting cost, often including the cost of lighting controls and lighting installation. Rebate research and processing is a free service ELEDLights offers to businesses, municipalities, and other organizations that purchase their lights from us. By tapping into energy efficiency incentives, we have been able to reduce the cost for customers to as low as $1 per light plus sales tax.* Click below to have us see if your lighting project may qualify for energy efficiency incentives & how much you may stand to save. It doesn't hurt to check!

Find Out If You Qualify

*The amount of the incentive available depends on the utility's program & the details of the lighting project.