LED Retrofit for T5/T8/T12 Fluorescent High Bays - High Output

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One Pack Includes: 1 Panel, 1 Driver and Required Accessories
  • Replaces up to 600W
  • Up to 24,700 Lumens / 150 lm/w
  • DLC & UL Certified
  • 5-Year Warranty

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The 164W high output swing-up LED retrofit for linear fluorescent high bay fixtures cuts lighting conversion time in more than half! Instead of wiring tombstones for as many as 10 tubes per fixture, your electrician just wires a single module. And, by retrofitting rather than replacing, you get more mileage out of your existing fixtures and have less waste.

Because of its easy-to-handle, lightweight design, this LED retrofit is also an easier way to manage lighting conversions than replacing your fixtures. The swing-up feature makes installation a one-person job, and because it installs right on your existing fixture's housing, there’s no fixture disposal to deal with.

Convert virtually any 6-lamp T5 fixture or 10-lamp T8 or T12 fixture from fluorescent to LED—including High Output (HO) fixtures. The Swing-up panel's mounting hardware adjusts to fit the difference in length between standard and high output fluorescent fixtures.

You’ll get up to 24,700 lumens of light with no light lost to the inside of the fixture, which means you’re likely to experience more light than you’re used to from your current fixture. With >82 CRI, you’re also likely to experience more accurate rendering of colors under these lights than you’re used to. Plus, you’ll go from drawing as much as 350W of power to just 164W, which translates into significant monthly savings in your utilities budget.

System lifetime is >70,000 hours for the driver and >100,000 hours for the LEDs. The module is DLC Premium QPL Listing, making it qualified for utility energy-efficiency rebates, which can significantly decrease the investment cost in your lighting conversion. Why not start today?

The Buy American Compliant Swing Up LED Retrofit is manufactured in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, by LED Living Technology, a Manncorp company.

If you need 480V, other color temperatures, or have other special requirements, contact us for a quote!

Quick Video on Ease of Installation

How to Install Swing Up LED Retrofit Kit

Replaces Wattageup to 600W
Light OutputUp to 24,700 lumens
Efficiency (lumens/Watt)Up to 150 lm/W
Average Lamp Life70,000 hours
Color Temperature4000K, 5000K
Installation MethodSecure to 4' fixture with mounting bracket and self-tapping screws (included)
Working EnvironmentIndoors
Input Voltage120-277 VAC (High voltage available—contact us)
Temperature RatingUp to 40°C
Qty in Package1 LED panel, power supply, adjustable drop-down mounting bracket, DC extension cable, and self-tapping screws
Dimensions47.75" x 5.75" (Bracket adjusts to accommodate fixture length)
CertificationDLC, RoHS, UL
Warranty5 Years
Retrofit for6-lamp T5/T5HO fixtures / 10-lamp T8/T12/HO fixtures
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