Which 8ft LED Tube is Right for You?

Whether you are looking for the lowest up-front cost, the most brightness possible, or anything in between, we can help find the best tubes for converting your 8ft fluorescent fixtures to LED.

If you are looking to update fixtures with single-pin sockets, we have three options for you.

  • Looking for the most affordable 8ft tube? Then our 32W 8ft LED tube light is perfect; it has the lowest price and the lowest wattage available.
  • If you would like more brightness, our high lumen 40W 8ft LED tube has 32% more lumens, while still offering great value and waste-reducing benefits.
  • For spaces that require the maximum amount of brightness and the most efficiency offered, pick our 42W ultra-high lumen 8ft tube.

If you have High Output (R17D) Sockets, ELEDLIGHTS offers two upgrade options.

If you still aren’t sure which 8ft tube would be best for your LED upgrade, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team at, (215) 355-7200, or through the Live Chat at the bottom corner of our website.