Top 10 Most Efficient LED Lights for Your Business

Looking for the highest efficiency available? We’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of our most efficient indoor and outdoor lights in some of our most popular lighting categories. Take a look:

High Efficiency Indoor Lighting

Most Efficient T8 Tube Lights

Our Ultra High Lumen tube lights are rated at 150 lumens/Watt efficiency. They’re available in a 4 ft length with bi-pin connections, or 8 ft with either single-pin or R17D connections. These fluorescent tube alternatives not only run ultra efficiently, but they’re so bright that many of our customers find they’re able to reduce the number of tubes installed in their fixtures for even greater energy savings. Check them out:

4ft Ultra High Lumen bi-pin LED tubes
8ft Ultra High Lumen single-pin LED tubes
8ft Ultra High Lumen R17D LED tubes for HO fixtures

Most Efficient T5 Tube Light

We have a plug-and-play, ballast compatible T5 replacement tube that can be installed directly into instant-start and program-start electronic ballast fixtures, with no rewiring required. This glass tube light features 140 lumen/Watt efficiency, a wide 330˚ beam angle, and excellent color rendering. View the details on our ballast-compatible LED T5 tube.

Most Efficient Round LED High Bay

Our 150W Ultra-High Lumen Dimmable LED High Bay Fixture performs at an amazing 180 lumens/Watt, which means you get 27,000 lumens of light at a power rate of merely 150 Watts. This stylish high bay has no need for a reflector—its beam angle is simply determined by the light’s lens, which gives it a 120˚ spread. What’s more, this high bay is dimmable and can easily be fitted with a plug-in microwave motion sensor. Learn more about our highest efficiency round LED high bay light.

Most Efficient Linear LED High Bay Replacement for T5 HO Fixtures

Replace your 3-lamp T5 HO fixtures with an energy-efficient alternative that won’t disappoint: plenty of brightness, zero ballast maintenance, and a compact, neat appearance. At 150 lumens/Watt, you’ll get over 17,000 lumens of brightness from a mere 120W fixture. This lamp also features great color rendering, with a CRI of >80. Check out the full details on our LED high bay alternative to T5 HO fixtures.

High Efficiency Outdoor Lighting

Most Efficient Mini Flood Light

Big energy savings in a small package. Our 50W mini flood light with angle-adjustable mounting bracket runs up to 150 lumens/Watt efficiency. Rugged, slim, and sealed to an IP65 enclosure rating, this light is virtually maintenance free. It can be used to showcase architectural elements and landscaping or as an outdoor security light. More details on our high efficiency LED mini flood light.

Most Efficient Parking Lot Light

Coming in at 135 lumens/Watt, our 320W Brightline Shoebox Parking Lot Area Lights give you light output equivalent to 1,000W of HID lighting at just a third of the power. They’re also available in two housing colors—white or black—to suit the overall look of your property and brand. These shoebox lights are easier than most to install and maintain, thanks to their no-tools-needed panel that gives your installer access to the driver and components. Photosensors, mounting brackets and adapters, and surge protectors are available. View the black shoebox light.

Most Efficient Street Light

Our most efficient street light isn’t just efficient—it’ll also cost you nothing in electricity. Our Solar LED Pathway & Street Light puts out 14,000 lumens, the equivalent of a 400W HID street light, at an efficiency of 180 lumens/Watt. This is a quick and easy lighting solution for roadways, campuses, industrial parks, subdivisions, and more. It features an adjustable solar power, allowing you to position it for maximum sun exposure, and an integrated 614WH lithium battery. It also includes a motion sensor and four operational modes. Learn more about this solar LED street light.

Most Efficient Canopy Light

Our bright 240W Gas Station Canopy Light signals safety to your customers while cutting your energy costs. This light outputs nearly 150 lumens/Watt and provides illumination equivalent to 1000W of HID lighting at just a quarter of the power consumption. The housing is super slim and low-profile. View our most efficient LED canopy light.