Not a Dark Spot in the Entire Store!

Rock and Roll Electric, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, recently assisted a client (Bargain World) in retrofitting nine rows of 8-foot T12 fluorescent tubes (16 in each row) with 4-foot LED Tubes from ELEDLights.

Mike Taylor, of Rock and Roll Electric, said "Our client is completely satisfied with your products. We are both excited about the finished product and he's looking forward to the long term benefit."

The rebate-eligible DLC tubes, with a cold white color temperature of 5000K, have thoroughly impressed the client. Taylor concluded by saying, "There's not a dark spot in the entire store!!!"

High accolades for our standard 18W, 1900 lumen tubes!  If you're really looking to brighten things up, consider our 3000-Lumen Ultra Bright 4 ft LED Tube Light (also available as a DLC qualified LED tube, for utility rebate eligibility).