New Plaza Lighting Increases Safety & Security in Coronado, California

Park Plaza at The Village in Coronado, California, was having an ongoing after-dark struggle with skateboarders and homeless individuals, a struggle that was not helped by the lack of sufficient lighting throughout the plaza. Because the plaza’s lighting relied on ballasts, it was often difficult to tell whether it was the bulb or the ballast was bad. “Consequently,” the owner told us, “we had a lot of lights not working.” Three in particular hadn’t worked in 15 years.

Lighting is a big component of any property’s security plan, and the lighting at Park Plaza wasn’t holding up its end. The plaza’s owner decided it was time to upgrade.

Security camera footage shows the difference between the old plaza lighting and the new LED lights After installing new LED lighting in the plaza

The pictures above are from their security cameras facing towards the alleyway. As you can see, the difference is truly night and day.

The plaza had a variety of light poles, some with four lights and some with two. The team at ELEDLIGHTS developed a lighting plan that, on one hand, reduced the four-light poles to two lights and the two-light poles to just one light and, on the other, increased light coverage across the plaza to a remarkable degree.

This project was completed with 33 LED shoebox lights, ranging from 150W to 200W each, and 15 corn lights rated at 54W. Energy reduction amounted to 300W per four-light pole and 100W per two-light pole.

Overall, Park Plaza at The Village will save $1,866 per year on operating costs for their lighting, which amounts to nearly $10,000 in savings, just during the 5-year warranty period. (With average operating life of 50,000 hours, Park Plaza’s new lights are expected to outlast their warranty and provide continued savings for years to come.)

Pole-mounted LED shoebox lights provide significant energy savings with minimal maintenance requirements. Our 54W Corn Lights also have 132 Lumens per watt which is the highest lumen per watt in the industry!

As a result of this upgrade to LED lighting, Park Plaza’s owner is very satisfied with the huge energy savings and wattage energy reduction. Their Plaza is now lit up, with no more loitering or safety issues.

ELEDLights' lighting is quality checked at the factory, packed securely for shipping, and backed up by a strong warranty. If you’re looking to increase outdoor security and reduce lighting costs at your property, check out our LED parking lot lighting, pathway & roadway lighting, and commercial outdoor security lighting.