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Light up your business signs, marquis advertising, roadway signs, and many other types of outdoor and indoor displays with these new 4-foot and 8-foot LED signage lamps. Specially designed for double sided signs, these tubes have high-quality 3030 SMD LEDs on both sides and yield 360° lighting.

The 4-foot tubes come in 6000K cold white light, yield 2,800 lumens, and are available with either BiPin or HO endings. The 8-foot tubes come in 6000K, yield 5,600 lumens, and are available with HO endings.

Ideal for retrofitting into existing snap-frame style light boxes, these reliable and energy-saving tubes are an ideal alternative to standard fluorescent bulbs and are suitable for double-sided commercial light boxes and industrial signage.


With an average lifespan of 30,000 working hours and a 3 year warranty, these tubes are sure to impress.

Quantity discounts are available on these tubes, and they ship directly from our warehouses on the East (Pennsylvania) and West (California) Coasts.