Efficient, Industrial Flood Lights Illuminate Parking Lot for Semi Trucks

F&M Parking LLC (based in Hialeah, Florida) has taken a significant step towards energy efficiency and enhanced lighting by upgrading their semi-truck parking lot with cutting-edge LED flood lights. This blog explores the benefits of their transition to ELEDLights' innovative lighting solutions.

High-Performance Illumination: LED Flood Lights Installed

In a bid to improve their lighting infrastructure, F&M Parking LLC decided to invest in ten 200W LED flood light fixtures from ELEDLights. The installation of these industrial flood lights on three light posts in their semi-truck parking lot has provided high-performance illumination.

A Smart Choice: Replacing Outdated Metal-Halide Lights

Prior to this upgrade, the company relied on outdated 400W metal-halide lights in their parking lot. However, these lights fell short in terms of lumens compared to the new flood lights, making the upgrade a smart choice for improved visibility and security.

Getting Exceptional Benefits of LED Flood Lights

The commercial/industrial LED flood lights we offer boast exceptional features, including high-quality SMD LEDs and an impressive average lifespan of 50,000 working hours. Furthermore, these lights are DLC certified, allowing many customers to qualify for rebates through their local utility companies, making the switch even more cost-effective.

Weatherproof and Low Maintenance Lighting

Thanks to the IP65 enclosure rating and the sleek yet robust construction of these LED flood lights, they easily survive adverse weather conditions. This means that F&M Parking LLC can say goodbye to expensive and challenging maintenance, ensuring consistent and reliable lighting for their facility.

Exploring Your Outdoor LED Lighting Options

ELEDLights offers a wide range of top tier outdoor LED security lighting solutions that not only reduce energy consumption but also minimize maintenance efforts. To sweeten the deal, customers can benefit from free shipping and quantity discounts, which are automatically applied in their shopping cart when they meet the specified thresholds. Plus, if you have any questions, our service team is ready to help!