New ELEDLights Rebate Partner: PNW Lighting To Go

pacific northwest rebate program

ELEDLights is now partnered with a new instant rebate program in the Pacific Northwest! The program, PNW Lighting Rebates To Go, covers all customers in the Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, and Snohomish County Public Utility District utility areas. Best of all? The rebates available can cover up to 99% of your replacement fixture costs!

Top Energy Efficiency Rebates Available with PNW

High Ceiling Lights

Get up to $140 back instantly on LED high bays that are greater than 126W! For lower wattage high bay lights, get between $45 and $80 back, depending on your fixture choice.

one dollar high bay

Building Exterior & Area Lights

Get up to $645 on outdoor fixtures like LED flood lights, wall pack lights, and parking lot lights above 156W! LED exterior fixtures with lower wattage levels can qualify for between $40 and $250 back as well.

one dollar flood light

Other Great Rebates Available with PNW:

Get Lighting Rebates for Your Project

To find all the energy efficiency incentives your project is eligible for, you can reach out through our rebate request form or call, text, or email our team at the contact info below!