Magnetic Strips Easily Retrofit Flickering Fluorescent Tubes

One of our customers, Scott, wanted to modernize his poorly lit room and flickering fluorescent tubes, but he wasn't sure what the best replacement would be for him.

Before the lights arrived, Scott refurbished his current fixture by taking out the ballast and rewiring the system, getting it ready for the new LED lights.

"I chatted online with someone from your company and they came up with a great solution for me, recommending their 2ft strip kits and I ordered them. The cost of a kit was much less than a new fixture. When the kit arrived, I was able to complete the install in 20 minutes. All the components in the kit seem to be high quality." Scott said.

Our Premium 2ft Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit contains two 2-foot magnetic linear LED retrofit kits and a magnetic-mount external driver. The kits and drivers attach easily without any hardware or screws, allowing you to even install on appliances such as, machinery, filing cabinets, steel walls, etc. while giving off 2,650 lumens of (5000K) white light!

"The lights are brighter and the color temperature is perfect. We can actually read and do some work in this area of the room now. The new lights have made a pleasant impact." Scott stated.

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