Late last year, Charles was looking into replacing the sign panels for his recently purchased building- Remax Home Again Reality. He discovered that the previous fluorescent bulbs were not good anymore, which lead him to research new options for the sign, stumbling across ELEDLights.

"The ELEDLights support team were extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding the difference between the different types of bulbs I could use, and the work involved with the retrofit. It was super easy and using the LED option was way cheaper than having the fluorescent system fixed," Charles said.

We recommended our 8ft Doubled Sided (360°) LED Tubes with HO endings (R17D) to Charles. These tubes were specifically designed for two-way store front signs, advertising displays, etc. Each tube delivers 5,650 lumens of cold white light in every viewing angle.

After purchasing and installing 8 of our LED Sign Light tubes, Charles noticed the significant energy reduction and difference in brightness since converting fluorescents to LEDs.

"LED bulbs will use much less power than what was there, and we are considering getting a rebate for being so energy conscious. The sign is one of the best and brightest along our stretch of road," Charles said.

To learn more about upgrading to LEDs, check out our website!