LED Retrofits: Grow Your Business by Providing Tangible Benefits to Your Customers 

As an electrical contractor or electrician, you may be on the lookout for innovative ways to increase business while delivering the best solutions to your customers.

One way to bring in more business that provides tangible value for customers is by offering lighting retrofit services for existing buildings.

LED lighting has emerged as a highly efficient and long-lasting alternative to traditional lighting systems. By upgrading or replacing existing lighting fixtures with LED lights, building owners can achieve significant cost savings through reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. Moreover, the retrofit process is straightforward and can be completed with minimal disruption to the building occupants.

One of the most significant advantages of LED retrofits is their energy efficiency. LED lights consume much less energy than traditional lighting, resulting in substantial energy cost savings for property owners and leaseholders. The reduced energy consumption also has a positive environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

SALES TOOL #1: Energy Savings

You can often sell a customer on a lighting upgrade just by showing them, in real numbers, how much they stand to save in energy costs.

ELEDLights has an energy savings calculator for this very purpose. You can get energy savings calculations straight from any product's page on our website by clicking the Calculate Savings link, or you can go directly to our main energy savings calculator and input your own variables. The calculator is customizable to your customer's electricity rate and current lighting usage.

If you're writing a proposal for a big job, rather than running each set of lights through the calculator one by one, you can enlist our team to help. Simply fill out a lighting services request form and select "Lighting Audit." Let us know you're a contractor, so we can route you to a team member who's experienced in working with contractors and electricians.

SALES TOOL #2: Energy Efficiency Incentives

Retrofitting existing buildings with LED lighting can also help building owners take advantage of energy efficiency incentives offered by government and utility companies. These incentives, in the form of rebates, tax credits, and grants, can help offset the initial costs of retrofitting, making it an even more cost-effective solution.

ELEDLights can arm you with information on utility rebates that may be available for retrofits on commercial buildings. From any rebate-eligible product on our website, click "Find Instant Rebates." Enter the zip code of the property to be retrofitted and select the customer's utility provider. From that point on, you'll see available midstream, or "instant," incentives for that utility as you browse products on the site. (If you need to change the utility, click the "Check another zip code or utility provider" link, which is found below the Looking for More? area of the product page.)

With midstream incentives, the rebates are applied at the time the lights are purchased. You can pass the rebate on to the customer once the installation is complete, use it to lower your quote for a more competitive bid, or invest it back into your business.

We can also provide information on prescriptive rebates that may be available for your customers. These rebates are paid after the lights have been installed (and, in some cases, inspected pre- and post-installation). We can assist in processing prescriptive rebates for your customers, taking that workload off your plate while allowing you to provide prescriptive rebates to qualifying customers. To find prescriptive rebates, you can use our Virtual Rebate Assistant, or you can submit a free Rebate Assistance Request to get our team's help, at no cost to you.

If you want to help your customer understand the tax savings that could be available to them when they upgrade their lighting, we have a quick explainer in our Tax Incentives for Lighting article. Feel free to copy any of that article for your customers—when you sell lighting installs, we sell lights.

And a Few Extra Resources

As an electrical contractor or electrician, offering LED retrofits to your clients can prove to be a profitable and rewarding opportunity. By helping your clients upgrade their existing lighting systems to LED, you provide them with improved lighting quality, substantial energy savings, and a positive environmental impact.

And, by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and energy efficiency incentives, you can stay ahead of the competition and deliver innovative solutions to your clients.

Join our free Lighting Partner Program for lighting professionals to stay on top of the latest in technologies and energy efficiency incentives.

Bookmark our High Efficiency Lighting page to be able to quickly find the biggest bang for your customer's upgrade. Lights on that page provide 140 lm/W to 200 lm/W efficacy, and will often be eligible for utility rebates even when replacing older LED lighting.