How to Install a Fluorescent to LED Conversion Kit

What Is a Fluorescent to LED Conversion Kit?

Easy to install and easy to maintain, suspended ceilings have been popular for offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, and more for decades. For most of those years, not much changed with regard to the lighting fixtures used with these ceilings: fluorescent troffers set into the ceiling grids at regular intervals. We’re all familiar with the occasional flickering, dimness, and buzzing these fluorescent lights emit, as well as the slightly “off” cast of the lighting quality.

But now—now there are options. LED lighting technology has made it possible to get brilliant, more-true-to-life lighting that offers both significant energy savings and a lot less maintenance hassle.

One of these options is the Fluorescent to LED Conversion Kit. These kits allow you to switch over to LED lighting without replacing your existing troffers. Doing so dramatically reduces the energy draw of those fixtures. For instance, a four-tube 2x4 fluorescent fixture can draw as much as 160W of power (32W per tube plus the ballast factor). By switching to magnetic LED strips, you bring that fixture down to just 32W altogether. Imagine the impact on energy costs when you upgrade every troffer in your facility.


A common version of these kits—what we call the Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit—consists of long strips of LED lighting with magnetized backs that stick right to the inside of your existing fluorescent troffer. An advantage these kits have over, say, using LED replacement tubes is that there’s no need to wire power to any tombstone sockets. This eliminates as many as four wiring jobs per fixture. Instead you simply replace the fixture’s ballast with the kit’s magnetic LED driver, and then you’re done!

What’s Different About Our Kits?

Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kits from are bright, vivid, and easy to install. Each kit comes with everything you need—including instructions and quick-connect wires—to easily convert any fluorescent troffer to LED. And these kits are bright enough that only two strips are needed to convert a troffer, even one that currently holds 4 lamps.

Plus, our LED conversion kits for fluorescent troffers have a higher CRI (color rendering index) than fluorescent tubes, which means realistic color rendering. And they’re not limited to drop-ceiling troffers: convert any metal fluorescent linear light, even single-tube commercial 8-foot light fixtures (we recommend our 4ft Ultra High Lumen Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit for that—simply install the two 4-foot strips in a row, instead of side-by-side, to reach 8ft).

So, How Do You Install a Fluorescent to LED Conversion Kit?

We keep telling you how easy these are to install, but why don’t you have a look for yourself?

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