Cut Your Parking Lot Lighting Costs in Half

Parking lot lighting is essential for any commercial property. It makes customers and employees feel safe—and not just feel safe; good lighting across a parking lot absolutely reduces both crime and accidents. It also helps make your property inviting and easy to find after dusk.

The downside: Big lights can run up big light bills. Keeping parking lots well lit costs businesses into the thousands annually.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, you can cut that light bill in half—or more. And with commercial energy efficiency rebates and incentives offered by utility companies across the U.S., property owners often find that the cost of upgrading their lights can be covered in the first year or two by energy cost savings alone. (See if your utility provider offers rebates for energy efficient lighting upgrades.)

So, what are your options?

Converting Your Existing Parking Lot Lights to LED

If your fixtures are in good shape—if the only problem is that they’re eating you alive in energy costs—you can save yourself the trouble of installing new lights on your poles by simply retrofitting them to accept LED lamps. It’s still going to require a bucket truck, but without having to remove and replace an entire pole head, it requires just one electrician. Your electrician will simply do a one-time wiring adjustment, eliminating the ballast that’s currently sitting between the main power and the socket, then screw in the retrofit lamp. Years from now, when the LED bulb finally reaches the end of its lifespan, no electrical work is required for re-lamping: Just unscrew the old bulb and replace it with a new one.

Take a look at what’s available for converting existing fixtures by shopping our LED parking lot light retrofits.

LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Maybe your fixtures are aging. Maybe they’re not spaced correctly. Maybe you’re doing new construction—with an all-new parking lot—and starting from scratch with your lighting. For this, you’d look to new LED parking lot lights. The operating cost savings with this is at least as good as with the retrofits, but you also get brand new, durable, and stylish fixtures that offer greater separation between the LEDs and the driver circuitry and a larger heat sink. Both this separation and the heat sink will extend operating life, meaning even fewer bucket truck rentals over the property’s lifetime.

We have perfect 1:1 replacements for the 1000W metal halide parking lot lights commonly seen at car dealerships and shopping centers. We also offer a whole range of lower-wattage options for smaller lots and other outdoor area lighting applications, including a full range of LED flood lights.

Talk to the Experts

The ELEDLights team has ample experience with both retrofits and new fixture installs. For conversions, we can walk you through everything you need to know. For new fixture installs, we can also get you great pricing on light poles and smart lighting controls, if they’re needed for your project. And if you’re building a new lot, or unhappy with the lighting in your existing lot, we can develop a light plan to ward off shadows and dark spots that might encourage crime, contribute to accidents, or tarnish your property’s appearance. Contact our team at or (215) 355-7200 to get started.