As we know, brick-and-mortar stores are fighting to compete in today's hyper-competitive landscape. One attractive advantage that also saves money, that not everyone realizes, is upgrading to LED Lighting. With the right lighting, it can attract many more customer's eyes to your products displayed on your shelves.

Islands Ace Hardware, a household supplies and tools shop located in Georgia, thought of an interesting way to use our magnetic strips. Our magnetic strips can be placed on any metal or magnetic surface, easily bringing light wherever you need it.

Islands Ace Hardware purchased 40 of our 8ft Linear LED Retrofit Kits and attached them onto the top of their shelves.

Adding these magnetic strips made a dramatic difference, basically putting a spotlight onto the products. All the products can now be seen clearly from the shelves and look more attractive.

If you want to make your store shimmer, call us at 215.355.7200 (East Coast) 858.581.0597 (West Coast) or check out our website for more!

The parent company of ELEDLights is Manncorp. Manncorp has been in business and operating for over 50 years producing and supplying machines that assemble circuit boards and place components for LEDs. Our engineers know exactly what to look for and are beyond critical of any product that we consider going through our testing process. ELEDLights' lighting is quality checked at the factory, packed securely for shipping, and backed up by a strong warranty. We also offer a Risk-Free Trial meaning you can return any product you don't like- just keep the box! If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, use the pre-paid return label included and mail us back your lights in their original packaging and you will receive a full refund.