Autotech Upgrades Auto Shop Lighting

One of our first-time customers, Dean, owns an Autotech Collision shop located in New Jersey. When working with cars, it's very important to clearly see the project to ensure the quality of work and for safety reasons. Dean wanted to enhance the light in his shop, but he wasn't sure which lights could get the job done.

Our suggestion to Dean was our 8ft High Lumen Frosted Tubes, which he installed 20 of in his auto body shop. These LED replacements for fluorescent shop light tubes are 20% brighter than the standard-lumen LED tubes, yet are rated at the same wattage! This 8ft shop light bulb runs at an efficiency of 140 lumens/Watt, while comparable fluorescent bulbs offer only 90 lumens/Watt. That's a 55% increase in efficiency, and a 43% reduction in energy costs.

Seeing the true colors and details of a car might be hard without accurate lighting. To ensure accuracy while painting cars, Dean decided to also purchase and install thirty of our 5000K Ultra High Lumen 8ft LED tubes—the brightest LED tube on the market. A natural color, such as 5000K, combined with the tubes high color rendering index (82 CRI) will show you the accurate representation of what the vehicle will look like in every environment. You can view more photos of Autotech Collision's new lights in the gallery below.

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