Get Money Back for Removing Old Fixtures
Rebates for PECO Customers Upgrading to LEDs

Did you know that you can get rebates for taking out old light fixtures in addition to adding new ones? Through PECO, the energy company serving customers in southeastern PA, you can get money back for every watt you reduce by replacing inefficient lighting. Recently, we helped a local car dealership receive nearly 50K in rebates just for removing their old fixtures! Read on to find out more about this great deal.

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Amazing Energy Usage Savings

The dealership we helped was in Montgomeryville, PA and had clusters of two to four 1000W metal halide fixtures to remove throughout their property. Each grouping of metal halides is estimated to have cost their company up to $115.20 a month in energy usage. We replaced each group with 1-3 LEDs, with the biggest wattage reduction being a swap from a 4000W grouping to a single 410W LED fixture. The result was an estimated 90% decrease in lighting energy costs!

How Much Can Be Saved with Fixture Removal Incentives?

Getting energy savings wasn’t the only incentive the Montgomeryville dealership had for their lighting upgrade. Since they are in the PECO service area, they were able to take advantage of a fixture removal rebate as well.

The Permanent Fixture Removal Incentive is estimated to provide 60 cents back per watt reduced. So, they were eligible for approximately $1,795 per grouping of metal halide fixtures replaced!

Getting Your Fixture Removal Incentive

Prescriptive Rebates vs. Instant Rebates

How does the Permanent Fixture Removal rebate work? PECO offers this incentive through their prescriptive rebate program. You may have heard of the PECO Instant Lighting Discounts Program, where customers receive their savings upfront. The prescriptive program is a little different. There’s some waiting involved – but it can end up saving you more in the long run.

What’s the Prescriptive Rebate Process?

Before getting the rebate, you will have to purchase the lights, have the installation completed, and possibly have a post-install inspection done. Once the project is approved, it takes about 60-90 days to receive the check.

So, the savings aren’t instant but can definitely be worth the wait! This is especially true if you have a substantial number of fixtures to remove.

How We Can Help You Get Fixture Removal Rebates

As a PECO Trade Ally, our team is prepared to help you every step of the way. From checking rebate eligibility, to finding products, to getting approvals, and beyond – we make the rebate process simpler. To get started with your lighting project, find out if your business qualifies for lighting rebates, or call, text, or email the contact info below to talk to a lighting rebate expert.

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