ELEDLights Creates Spectacular Lighting Plan for Speedway 95

Aerial view of new LED lights at Speedway 95

As Maine’s Family Fun Track, Speedway 95, reached its 50th year of operation, its owners decided it was time to take the racetrack’s lighting into the modern era—not just to brighten the venue and cut energy costs, but because their current lights were regularly overwhelming their system.

Before the upgrade, crew members needed to arrive hours early to start turning on one section of lights at a time. The track had six 1500W metal halides on each pole. Metal halide lights require warm-up time, which meant that each of the six sections per pole needed an average of 10-15 minutes to reach their peak brightness. Running that much power, circuits regularly blew, even when crew members took their time with bringing them all up to power. Staff were frustrated.

Speedway 95 needed lights that were reliable and quick to power on, for the safety of the drivers and their employees!

When Speedway 95 contacted us, we created a lighting plan for their racetrack using our 240W LED Flood Lights. At 32,000 lumens, these flood lights are ever brighter than a 500W metal halide, over 70% more efficient, and completely maintenance free.

Once the lights were installed, track workers powered them all up at once, and the track immediately glowed. It became the brightest it’s ever been—and no warm-up time needed. Speedway 95’s crew gets to sleep in a little later, the circuit doesn’t blow anymore, and Speedway 95 cut its energy consumption by around $1,200/month. Plus, they’re receiving a $20,000 rebate through their utility company for the energy efficiency upgrade. Between the light bill savings and the rebate, Speedway 95’s payback time on the upgrade investment is as little as 6 to 9 months.

Aerial view of new LED lights at Speedway 95

ELEDLights can create a lighting plan for any business or franchise, handing all of the work. Our engineers know exactly what to look for and are beyond critical of any product that we consider going through our testing process.

Lights are our biggest concern, but they shouldn’t be yours. Let us do the work!

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