With ELEDLights, of course! We make converting to LEDs as quick and simple as possible.

Dave was tired of the yellowing in his lights, but he didn’t want to go through the entire process of changing his fixture, so he contacted us for our help.

“I searched a long time to try and locate lights that would retrofit into our existing fixtures without a major rebuild. I am very happy with the LED lights,” said Dave.

We recommended our Ecobright 8ft LED Tubes since they are a perfect fluorescent replacement. These replacement tubes will last nearly twice as long and cost nearly half the price to run. Dave won’t have to worry about tube lights again—for years. He purchased these tubes in 6000K, which is a cold/daylight tone. The color temperature matched his environment perfectly.

Dave noticed an enormous difference after upgrading. He sent us this picture of his original fixtures next to ours... what a difference!

The parent company of ELEDLights is Manncorp. Manncorp has been in business and operating for over 50 years producing and supplying machines that assemble circuit boards and place components for LEDs. Our engineers know exactly what to look for and are beyond critical of any product that we consider going through our testing process. ELEDLights’ lighting is quality checked at the factory, packed securely for shipping, and backed up by a strong warranty.

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