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Don Reid, of Davis-R Xii School in Clinton, Missouri recently purchased multiple Dimmable 2x4 High Lumen LED Panels in 5000K cold white to retrofit the school's gymnasium.

Reid, thoroughly pleased with the transformation, couldn't believe the difference in brightness between the old metal halide fixtures and the new LEDs. "I installed these lights yesterday. All I can say is, WOW! cannot believe how much brighter the room is now - clearly the old mercury-bulb fixtures were not putting out anything close to the panel's 7,800 lumens (each)," Reid said.

The large energy reduction and savings on the school's electric bill is undeniable. "We went from six 400-watt mercury bulbs in troffers with diffusers to six 60-watt LED panels (2,400 watts old vs. 360watts new) and have a much brighter room and instant-on instead of a 15-20 minute wait," Reid said.

"I promised some feedback -- simply stated, we could not be more pleased with the results!"

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