10th & South Streets Garage is Transformed with Energy-Efficient LED Lighting, Saving Tens of Thousands of Dollars Per Year

The 10th & South Streets Parking Garage, located in the heart of Philadelphia, had outdated lighting that resulted in dimly lit areas and potential hazards for patrons. With the help of the ELEDLights team, SP Plus was recently able to upgrade the garage's old lighting to efficient LED parking garage lighting, and the results have been impressive. Just take a look at the before and after photos!

before and after

Before-and-after photos that highlight the improvements made by ELEDLights: The new LED lights provide a level of clarity that wasn't possible with the previous lighting system, making it easier for patrons to navigate and find their vehicles.

canopy light

60W LED Canopy Light

The key product used in the lighting upgrade of the parking garage was the 60W LED Canopy Light. This high-performance LED light is designed to provide bright and uniform illumination for large commercial and industrial spaces. It is also durable and waterproof, making it a perfect option for parking garages. 

The new LED canopy lights installed in the garage provide brighter and more uniform illumination. With improved visibility, there will be a lower risk of accidents and people will feel safer while parking, walking, and driving in the garage.

In addition to the safety benefits, the new LED parking garage lighting will also provide significant cost savings for SP Plus. Since LED lights use up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting fixtures, they cost significantly less to run. The parking garage at 10th & South Street was also able to take advantage of utility rebates offered by PECO (a Pennsylvania-based utility company) to further reduce the cost of their lighting upgrade. These rebates allowed the garage to purchase the LED canopy lights for just $1 each!

By utilizing available utility rebates, SP Plus saved a total of $28,200 in upfront costs and will continue to save tens of thousands of dollars per year in energy and maintenance costs, making the project a smart investment for the long-term.


The 10th & South Streets Garage's lighting upgrade is a great example of how businesses and organizations can invest in energy-efficient lighting solutions that improve safety and visibility while providing long-term cost savings. By leveraging utility rebates and working with reputable companies like ELEDLights, you can make significant improvements in energy efficiency for your commercial or industrial facility. Find out if your business qualifies today!

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