Troubleshooting Common Issues with 8ft LED Tube Lights

8ft LED tube lights have gained popularity for their energy efficiency and longevity. However, like any technology, they can encounter issues that may disrupt their performance. In this guide, we will address common problems users may encounter with their 8ft LED tube lights and provide effective solutions. Whether you're dealing with flickering lights, compatibility problems, or other issues, we've got you covered.

  1. Flickering Lights

Problem: Flickering LED tube lights. (This is not typical of LED lights and may indicate a deeper issue with the installation or connections.)


  1. Ensure Proper Wiring - Check if the wires are correctly connected. Loose or improper wiring can cause flickering. Refer to the manufacturer's installation guide for wiring instructions.
  2. Replace the Ballast - If you have not bypassed the fluorescent ballast, a faulty or incompatible ballast could be causing flickering. Consider using 8ft LED ballast bypass bulbs for a more stable lighting experience.
  1. Compatibility Issues

Problem: LED tube lights may not work well with certain existing fixtures or ballasts.


  1. Verify Compatibility - Before purchasing LED tube lights, ensure they are compatible with your fixtures' existing ballast. Consult the manufacturer's specifications or contact their customer support for guidance.
  2. Opt for Ballast Bypass Bulbs - Upgrading to 8ft LED ballast bypass bulbs can help avoid compatibility issues, as these bulbs don't rely on the ballast.
  1. Inadequate Brightness or Light Output

Problem: Your LED tube lights may not provide the expected brightness.


  1. Check Lumen Output - Verify that the lumen output of the LED tubes matches the level on the product you ordered. If there is a discrepancy, contact the manufacturer or lighting provider. If it does match, but is not adequate for your lighting needs, consider upgrading to a higher lumen output tube.
  2. Clean Lenses and Diffusers - Dust and debris on the lenses or diffusers can reduce light output. If your lighting was installed a while ago, especially if they are operating in a dusty environment, cleaning them can help them maintain optimal brightness.
  1. Rapid On/Off Cycling (Flashing)

Problem: LED tube lights may flash on and off rapidly after turning them on.


  1. Check Switch Compatibility - Some LED tube lights may not work well with certain types of switches. Try a different switch or opt for LED-compatible switches.
  2. Install LED Starters (if applicable) - Some LED tubes may require starters to prevent flashing. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing starters if needed.
  1. Uneven Lighting or Dark Spots

Problem: Uneven illumination or dark spots can be frustrating, can cause eye strain, and may lead to accidents occurring.


  1. Proper Installation - Ensure the LED tubes are securely installed and properly aligned in the fixture by an electrician. Poor installation can lead to uneven lighting within a tube and even whole tubes not turning on when expected.
  2. Consider Getting a Photometric Layout - Many of the issues related to dark areas of a space come down to not distributing lighting fixtures effectively. A photometric layout done by a lighting professional can help ensure that your lighting is used as efficiently as possible, and that no dark spots are left haunting your workplace.

Optimize the Performance of your LED Tubes Today

By following the provided solutions, you can troubleshoot common issues and optimize the performance of your 8ft LED tube lights. Remember, choosing 8ft LED ballast bypass bulbs can help eliminate many compatibility-related problems. For more specific guidance, please be sure to refer to the manufacturer's user manual that came with your lighting and/or contact customer support. Our team members are available 8am to 8pm EST by text, phone, or email to help our customers with any issues that may arise.