Integrating UFO High Bay Lights with IoT and Automated Systems

In the age of connectivity and smart solutions, businesses and industries are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, safety, and convenience. As lighting plays a critical role in various settings, integrating it with the latest technology, like the Internet of Things (IoT) and automated systems, becomes a natural progression. UFO high bay lights, known for their energy efficiency and unique design, are now stepping into the spotlight of smart controls. Let's delve into the convergence of these modern lighting systems with cutting-edge technology.

The Essence of Smart Controls

Smart controls allow users to manipulate lighting systems remotely, adjust brightness levels, set schedules, and even gather data on energy consumption. With IoT, devices can communicate, allowing for real-time adjustments and insights.

Seamless Integration of UFO High Bay Lights

Thanks to their advanced design, UFO high bay lights can easily integrate with IoT devices and platforms. This enables businesses to remotely manage their lighting, ensuring optimal usage and further energy savings.

Energy Management and Cost Savings

With smart controls, businesses can set schedules for UFO lights, dimming them during non-peak hours or shutting them off in unoccupied spaces. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the lights but also contributes to significant energy and cost savings.

Enhancing Safety and Security

In spaces like warehouses or factories, integrating UFO high bay lights with automated systems can enhance safety and security. Timers and scheduling can be used to simulate occupancy or to dim lights after hours to deter break-ins. Occupancy sensors can be used to bring lights to full brightness when motion is detected, allowing for energy savings when an area isn't actively in use and safety when it is. Integrated emergency lighting controls can ensure exit paths are illuminated during a power outage.   

Data Collection and Analysis

IoT-enabled UFO high bay lights can provide valuable data on usage patterns, helping businesses make informed decisions. They can identify peak usage times, areas with the most activity, and even detect issues with the lighting system, allowing such issues to be addressed quickly.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Embracing smart controls and integrating them with UFO high bay lights prepares businesses for the future. As technology continues to evolve, having a system that can adapt ensures longevity and relevance in a competitive market.


The fusion of UFO high bay lights with IoT and automated systems represents the future of industrial and commercial lighting. As businesses strive to be more energy-efficient, safe, and tech-savvy, this integration paves the way for a brighter, smarter future.

If you're ready for UFO high bay lights at your facility, but you're unsure of which to purchase, how many, how to space them, and what controls you'll need to achieve your lighting and efficiency goals, ELEDLights offers professional layout and guidance at no extra charge. Request your free custom high bay lighting layout today.