Enhance Your Ice Cream Shop's Ambiance with LED Tube Lights

Attracting customers to your establishment goes beyond just serving delicious treats – creating an appealing ambiance is equally crucial. To ensure you’re drawing in potential customers who are driving or walking by, you’ll need to make sure your store looks appealing inside and out.

Shivers Frozen Custard, located in Godfrey Illinois, realized they had to make that positive change for their customers. In a strategic shift, they swapped traditional fluorescents for LED tube lights.

Transformative 4ft and 8ft LED Bulbs

Formerly illuminated by old fluorescents, Shivers Frozen Custard needed a transformation in their lighting, and that's where we came in. We replaced the outdated fluorescent tubes out front with our cutting-edge 4ft LED tube lights and 8ft LED ballast bypass bulbs, complete with frosted covers to softly diffuse light.

The benefits of superior craftsmanship in this LED tube lighting are immediately evident. Safeguarded from dust and debris, the internal driver ensures consistent performance. With meticulously placed LEDs, each tube radiates a brilliant and evenly distributed glow throughout. Our dedication to preserving quality extended to the delivery, guaranteeing seamless installation upon arrival – no hassles, no delays.

Better Lighting for Coolers & Freezers

To further elevate their lighting setup, Shivers got twelve of our 5ft direct plug-in LED cooler/freezer tubes. Each 5ft tube for their coolers & freezers delivers an impressive 3,125 lumens of cold white light (5000K) and boasts a CRI exceeding 80 for accurate color representation. With an average operating life of 50,000 hours, these tubes promise many years of non-stop operation before requiring replacement.

Installing these LED freezer tubes is a breeze, thanks to their built-in driver. Just connect the tubes to the direct line power, and you're set. Additionally, the tubes are effortlessly linkable – you can daisy-chain up to 10 tubes in a single row

Thanks to this lighting overhaul, Shivers Frozen Custard now emanates a refreshed ambiance, captivating visitors with its bright, vibrant charm.

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