Why ELEDLights' 8 ft. LED Tubes Outsell All Other Brands

Not long after we first started offering fluorescent replacement LED tubes through ELEDLights, we came to realize that the 8-foot versions of these products were quickly becoming hot sellers.  While our 4-foot LED tubes are still by far our most popular product, our 8-foot LED tubes account for a percentage of our total LED tube sales that far exceeds their usage in comparison to 4-foot tubes industry-wide.  So, why do so many choose ELEDLights when it comes to 8-foot LED tubes?  There are several reasons.

First-Hand Experience

For starters, we have hundreds of our own 8 ft. LED tubes installed at 20 ft.-plus ceiling heights in our East and West Coast warehouses.  We understand that at that height, LED tubes can almost never be bright enough — especially if you're checking SKU numbers from the top a 12 ft. stepladder or on bottom shelves at floor level.  We also understand that at 20 ft.-plus ceiling heights, our tubes better be reliable because they're a pain in the neck to replace — not to mention the time and expense of scissor-lifts and maintenance personnel.  As an actual end-user of the product, we've tested and experimented with dozens and dozens of 8 ft. tubes.  Such experience allows us to offer our customers a wide selection of the brightest, most energy-efficient, highly reliable, and competitively priced 8 ft. LED tubes on the market.

Raising the Bar On Tube Performance

For several years now, our 40-44W High Lumen 8 ft. LED tubes at 5500 lumens each have been the brightest 8 ft. LED tubes available anywhere.  With the equivalent light output of 60-85W T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes, they are 30-50% more energy efficient and will last five times as long.  They are still a great buy (as low as $32.95 ea.) and would still be the brightest 8 ft. LED tubes in the industry if we weren't taking 8 ft. LED tube technology to a whole new level with the introduction of our new Ultra High Lumen series of 8-footers.  Available with either FA8 single-pin or R17D HO end caps, they deliver an incredible 150 lumens per watt and are 20% brighter than our High Lumen series.  At 6600 lumens each, these 44W tubes are brighter than 85-110W high output fluorescent tubes and when used in high ceiling applications of 20 ft. or higher, energy savings of at least 50% are a given.  At lower ceiling heights, and depending on the wattage of the fluorescents they are replacing, many of our customers realize even greater energy savings as two-thirds to one-half as many LED tubes will often provide as much illumination as their old fluorescents. When comparing the lumen output of an LED tube to a fluorescent tube, keep in mind that much of the light from a fluorescent is directed upward into the fixture and wasted, whereas ALL of the light from an LED tube is directed toward the object(s) you are illuminating.

More Options Than Any Other Supplier of 8 ft. LED Tubes

Our Ultra High Lumen 8 ft. LED Tubes are a high-end product designed specifically for high ceiling fluorescent retrofits or special applications where maximum brightness from a linear LED tube product is the best and/or most affordable option.  With quantity pricing ranging from $45 to $55 each for single-pin end-caps and $53 to $60 each for R17D (HO) end-caps, they're very much on par with any of the tubes we offer in terms of lumen output per dollar or what we call "brightness-per-buck" ratio.

Of course, we realize that our Ultra High Lumen tubes aren't the best choice for everyone.  But we also believe we've cornered the market with the internet's widest selection of 8 ft. LED tubes to meet any application or budget.  Our 4800 lumen Premium 8 ft. tubes, as low as $25 each, are an extremely popular bargain and price-conscious shoppers will find the $23 price of our lowest-cost 4000 lumen tube unbeatable.

If you need help determining which 8 ft. tubes are best for your application, another thing that sets us apart from our competition is the immediate availability of our LED lighting specialists in our East and West Coast Offices.  Our customers constantly give our team glowing reviews for their helpfulness, product knowledge, and high level of service.

How Do You Ship 8 ft. Tubes So They Arrive in One Piece?

Nothing is worse than ordering something online and finding that it was damaged in shipment.  Of course, any reputable supplier will provide replacements, but does that make it any less aggravating?  We don't think so.  No doubt about it, 8 ft. packages are a challenge to ship.  It's a major reason that many LED lighting suppliers don't even offer 8 ft. tubes.  But ELEDLights has gone to great lengths and experimented with different packaging until finding the best materials and techniques to ensure safe delivery to your door or loading dock.  Each tube is enclosed in a polypropylene sleeve to prevent scratching and then individually packed inside its own, clearly-labeled cardboard sheath.  These are then bundled in triple-thickness cardboard cartons, to prevent bending, and then padded on each end for extra protection before sealing.  Each four-pack or ten-pack carton is then banded from end-to-end and multiple times along its length to ensure the integrity of the final package.

We could go on and on, but the best way to see why we're the 8 ft. LED tube experts is to give us a try.  Contact our West Coast Office at (858) 581-0597 or our East Coast office at (215) 355-7200.  They'll be happy to steer you through the selection process and help you make the best choice.