Why Choose LUX, Our Ultra-Bright LED Lights?

While all the fixtures we offer at ELEDLIGHTS provide our customers with a high degree of luminous efficiency, there are some applications where only the brightest, most powerful LED lights can get the job done. When that’s the case, it’s time to turn to our LUX line. Our LUX line sets itself apart from the pack by featuring LED lights with some of the highest lumen output on the market, making them perfect for any application where you can’t settle for anything less than the very best and brightest lighting around.

High-Performance Lighting

Simply put, many of our customers who convert from fluorescent, metal halide, or other older technology lighting to our LUX line are looking for a higher degree of performance. These top-of-the-line lights provide the bright, clean, and clear illumination our customers are looking for at a level of luminous efficiency that ensures they’re always getting their money’s worth out of their lights.

Superior Luminous Efficiency

While you may have needed to surrender to a hefty electric bill while using metal halides and other HID lights, our LUX line ensures crisp, clean light on top of significant energy savings. From indoor applications such as offices, retail spaces, and warehouses, to outdoor needs such as parking lot lighting, building security, and even stadium lighting, luminous efficiency is the name of the game.

For example, our 150W LUX Ultra-High Lumen Dimmable High Bay puts out 24,000 lumens of light at a luminous efficiency of 160 lm/W and is frequently used to replace metal halides in wattages from 300W to 400W. Replacing an existing 300W metal halide with this fixture saves customers roughly $37 per lamp, per year (depending on your energy costs). Replacing 400W lamps would net you around $62 in energy savings per lamp, per year.

This is before taking into account the fact that rebates in many areas can save you even further on your LED conversion.

The unparalleled brightness of our LUX line has also enabled our customers to reduce the number of lamps they need to reach their target light coverage. This provides considerable savings in both upfront installation and long-term operating costs, thanks to being able to run fewer fixtures. If you’re unsure of how many LUX fixtures you’ll need to get the light coverage you want, reach out to our team. Our on-staff lighting consultants and engineers regularly draw up lighting plans and simulations, free of charge, for our customers.

High-Quality Components

The lights in our LUX line will truly stand the test of time. You won’t need to worry about costly maintenance concerns, renting equipment, assembling scaffolding, or hiring contractors to service or replace your lights anytime soon; these LEDs average a lamp life of 50,000 operation hours before any degradation in light quality. Many of our lights have been known to stay in operation for even longer.

In addition to sleek, attractive designs that can fit the aesthetic needs of any application case, our lights have the power and durability to back up their looks. Some of our lights even outstrip the capabilities of our competitors by virtue of their high-quality design.

For example, our Ultra High Lumen LUX 8ft Tubes feature over 300 LEDs, compared to tubes from our competitors, which utilize less than a third of that amount, generally maxing out around 120. Our denser LED configuration provides you the maximum amount of light coverage in a package friendly to a wide array of applications, with no discernible dark spots between LEDs.

Want to Know More?

Our dedicated account managers are always here to answer your questions. We can provide recommendations for your lighting layouts, or help walk you through finding rebates for your lights and expedite the processing period. We also offer value-engineering services and fast, painless financing so that you don’t need to wait to tackle even the largest projects. Check out what's featured in our LUX line or call one of our expert account managers today to find out what these lights can do for you.