What is an LED Corn Bulb?

Corn lights are a unique LED structure that can provide an energy-saving alternative to your existing metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps. These lights are so named because they’re composed of a metal structure dotted with LED emitters, making them resemble a cob of corn at a glance. These are one of the simplest options for retrofitting your existing location with energy-saving LEDs.

When it comes to the ease of the retrofit process, it’s difficult to beat the flexibility of a corn light. Many of these lamps can fit directly into your existing sockets, meaning that cutting down your energy consumption by over 50% can be as easy as screwing in a bulb!

LED corn bulbs can be an efficient solution to a number of retrofit issues. Whether inside or out, these lamps make a great LED replacement for metal halide fixtures. Providing the same amount of illumination and lighting coverage for a fraction of the power draw, corn lights are a great choice for a number of retrofit applications. We have an array of LED corn light bulbs available for your benefit, the perfect lights for your interior or exterior LED conversion.

Find Out More About Our Different Corn Lights

Flat Corn Lights

Ideal for parking lot fixtures, wall packs, and canopy installations, flat corn lights can make your outdoor retrofit a breeze. Our most efficient outdoor corn lights can cut your power consumption by over 70% per light. The minimal maintenance and upkeep needs of LED corn lights can also contribute to your overall cost savings. Find out more about our flat corn lights.

Circular Corn Lights

This circular design is great for indoor and outdoor applications, with a luminous efficiency that can save you up to 70% when using it as a replacement for comparable metal halides. Save money on your energy bill every month with one of these DLC and UL certified lights that offer an easy Mogul E39 screw-in base for quick installation. Check out our circular corn lights.

Configurable Corn Lights

With interchangeable up/down bases, our configurable LED corn lights are perfect for short and tall lamp posts, wall lanterns, low and high bays, or parking garage canopy lights. You’ll always have the right light for your A-type or B-type posts. Enjoy a 50% reduction in your energy costs when you convert using these LED corn lights today. Find out about our configurable corn lights.