Waste Management Company Assists Worker Safety with LED Lighting

Covanta is a large global corporation that provides a variety of waste management services. Covanta’s mission is to provide sustainable waste and energy solutions to ensure that no waste is ever wasted. Covanta preserves valuable natural resources and generates clean energy for their client communities and the world we live in.

Covanta wanted to save even more energy by lowering their energy consumption in their waste pits while increasing worker safety with brighter, more reliable, lower-maintenance lighting. To do this, Darrell, owner of Covanta located in Indiana, went from 1000W HPS lights to our High Power 600W Dimmable LED High Bays.

These high bays deliver an astounding 96,000 lumens with a luminous efficacy of 160 lm/W- more than 60% energy savings compared to traditional HID high bay lighting. While the heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing gives this high bay fixture its unique look, it also serves as a massive high-efficiency heat sink — dissipating heat and further protecting the system for a lifetime of reliable, maintenance-free service.

The workers appreciate this upgrade and feel safer while working in a much brighter environment.

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