Super Wash Gets LED High Bays

Super Wash of Orlando, Florida, got some super electricity savings recently when they installed new LED high bay lights from ELEDLights. The lights they selected for their application were the 150W UFO LED High Bays, which are IP65-rated, allowing them to be used around water jets—such as the type found in car washes like Super Wash.

These Designer High Bays provide ultra-high lumens (19,000 for the 150W light), allowing them to be used in place of 400W high intensity discharge (HID) lighting. These UFO LED lights therefore use just 40% of electricity that HID would have used, without sacrificing any light quality or brilliance.

The UFO lights, rated at an average of 50,000 hours operating life, also last nearly twice as long as HID, which means the Super Wash crew won't be climbing up on ladders to change out the lights any time soon.

Shop for your new UFO LED lights today and start saving on lighting and energy costs.

Super Wash car wash bay with designer LED lights