Shop Gets Lighting Overhaul, Saves Owner Unexpected Extra $$$

Tired: Setting up scaffolding every time one of your fluorescent tubes burns out

Wired: Taking a 50,000-hour break from changing light bulbs

Inspired: Eliminating the need to turn on costly supplemental lights at the same time!

Michael Connolly often found himself turning on the three expensive-to-run metal halide fixtures that run down the center of his shop because the light from the shop’s fluorescent fixtures just weren’t enough to allow him to see the details of his work. But that’s not what led him to ELEDLights.

No, what Michael actually got tired of was how frequently he had to replace burned out fluorescent tubes and failing ballasts. His shop has a 14-foot high ceiling, and the location of the lights meant he needed to assemble scaffolding for every replacement. “The thought of eliminating the voltage hungry ballasts and converting to LEDs with a 50,000 hour expected lifespan made this a no brainer for me.”

Michael replaced 24 fluorescent tubes with ELEDLIghts’ 5000K High Lumen 4-foot LED tubes. He found that switching over to LED wasn’t much more work than replacing old ballasts: “Took about 20 minutes for each 4 tube fixture, very easy.”

Then he turned them on. “What a difference!” He tells us that, since he installed his new LED tubes, he hasn’t used the shop’s metal halide lamps once, meaning he got an even bigger savings than he bargained for.

He shared some photos with us, including this one of the storage room in his shop, of which he says, “I converted the fixture on the right to LED and you can clearly see the improvement over the old fluorescents on the left.”

Take a look through the rest of his photos in the gallery below. And, when you, too, are tired of replacing fluorescent lamps or supplementing your fluorescent lighting so that you can actually see what you’re doing, check out our options for replacing your fluorescent lights with LED.