San Diego Strip Mall Goes LED with Their Parking Lot Lights and Wall Packs

When property management group AVM Properties was renovating one of their commercial properties, they knew they wanted to go with LED lights for their project. But, as buyer Alex Mickle says, “There were so many options online, it became overwhelming with the amount of lights available, not knowing which products were good and which were junk.”

“Coincidentally,” Mickle said, “my electrician happened to be doing some work for ELEDlights and told me about their new facility in Kearny Mesa.

“Within a couple hours of hearing about them, I was meeting with Justin Cunningham in their showroom. I told Justin what I was looking for, and he not only explained the options and made recommendations but was able to show me all of their lights in action in their product showroom.”

After Mickle landed on the best lights for the strip mall renovation project, he found the pricing to be very competitive compared to what he’d seen in his research—and ELEDLights had all the lights in stock, so Mickle didn’t have to order and wait for anything. “Justin just loaded everything into my truck, and I was installing the lights the next day!”

AVM Properties wound up installing four 150W LED shoebox lights in the strip mall’s parking lot and three 90W LED wall packs on the buildings’ façade.

New LED parking lot light New LED wall pack

"I highly recommend to anyone in the market for quality and affordable LED lights and I will definitely be returning to them for my next project!" — Alex Mickle, AVM Properties

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