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All commercial and retail refrigerated spaces require lighting, whether it's to show off products behind glass or to help us find our way around a freezer room. But light means heat, and heat means your freezer or cooler needs to work harder to maintain its temperature—and that means higher energy bills.

Then there's the energy cost of running the lights, and the replacement cost when lights begin to fail. We're all familiar with failing display case lighting: flicker, buzzing, dimming—right at customer eye level. A thousand customers a day can pass through your store and not notice the light that's out in your 20-foot ceiling, but every one of them who looks into the display case will notice that light going bad.

Advances in technology, however, are a great thing. With the leaps in improvement made in LED lighting in recent years, you can now install a light that runs significantly cooler than fluorescents—saving you money on cooling costs—while operating at half the power consumption and lasting nearly twice as long. And they're brighter than the fluorescents you replace.

Have a closer look at our solutions:

LED Lighting for Reach-In Coolers, Freezers, and Display Cases

With a fluorescent tube, the entire circumference of the tube is illuminated, yet the light in a display case or cooler is meant to be directional: it lights up the product. This means at least half of the light from a fluorescent tube is wasted: You're paying for it, and it's not even seen.

Wasted Light from Fluorescent Refrigerated Display Case Tubes

LEDs are, by nature, directional. The back side of an LED chip emits no light. To manufacture an LED tube, a series of these chips are mounted to a narrow board.

LED chips mounted on board

If an LED manufacturer wants to make an LED tube that mimics a fluorescent one (for instance, when it's needed to light up a double-sided sign), LEDs have to be mounted to both the front and the back of the board. If you don't need 360-degree illumination, you don't need that extra line of LED chips. Not only does that save on materials and manufacturing costs, but, unlike with fluorescent lights, you're not spending money on electricity that you're not actually getting use out of. ELEDLights' LED cooler, freezer, and refrigerated display case tubes are designed specifically for such purposes: No LED chips are installed on the back, where light would be wasted. Instead, all light shines toward your products.

LED tubes for refrigerated display cases

Plus they run at an efficiency of 120 lumens/Watt, compared to just 92 lumens/Watt for fluorescents, and are rated for an average lamp life of 50,000 hours (versus 30,000 for fluorescents). Our LED replacement lights for coolers, chillers, and refrigerated displays are also direct-wire: Simply remove any existing fluorescent fixture and wire the LED light directly into the power. To make installation of multiple lights even easier, you can chain up to 10 of our lights by simply plugging one into the next, allowing you to do a whole row of reach-in coolers while only having to wire one lamp.

One last advantage: you'll never need to fool with a ballast again. Not only do ballasts cause the majority of lighting failure issues—the flickering and buzzing—but they also consume energy in their own right. You won't miss them once you've replaced them with our Direct Plug-In LED Cooler/Freezer Tubes.

LED Lighting for Walk-In Coolers, Freezers & Cold Storage

For overhead lighting in larger refrigerated areas, from cold storage warehouses to beer caves, LED still brings the energy benefit, both in heat reduction and decreased power consumption. And it still beats fluorescent when it comes to outputting light where it's needed, rather than up into the fixture, where it's not.

Here are some of our recommended ceiling lights for walk-in coolers, freezers, and other cold storage applications:

Cold Storage Lighting - LED

Vapor Tight Tri-Proof LED Linear Lights

Rated for temperatures down to -22˚F and featuring an enclosure rating of IP65, which means it's impervious to water jet spray: The vapor tight light fixture is a tough, corrosion-resistant option. We'd recommend this for in any freezer or refrigeration room, but particularly for those that may get sprayed down with high-pressure hoses during cleaning.

Easy-Connect Linear LED Lights

Rated for temperatures down to -4˚F, these lights can be connected, end to end, to make one continuous line of light up to 100 feet long.

Integrated LED Tubes

Also rated for temperatures down to -4˚F, these are essentially light tubes that don't need fixtures, and like the Easy-Connect lights, they can be plugged into each other in series. Available in 4 foot and 8 foot lengths, these lights are recommended for lower ceilings. The Easy-Connect Lights above are recommended if you have higher ceilings.

Food-Safe Pendant-Style LED Lights

Specially designed for food processing facilities and industrial kitchens, these lights are perfect for cold storage areas used for unpackaged foods, from produce to the dry-aging of meat.