Quickly and Easily Upgrade Fluorescent T5 HO Lights to 4ft LED Tube Lights

It’s common to see T5 fluorescent high bay lights hanging in warehouses. However, if you have these in your facility, you know these lights experience frequent burn outs. This means, you are often replacing lamps, losing both time and money. Fluorescent T5 tubes also contain mercury, which classifies them as hazardous waste and requires special disposal measures.

Fluorescent lighting was once the energy-saving alternative to metal halide, but their performance dims in comparison to today’s LED technology.

With LED lighting, you can experience brighter light, using half the energy, while receiving twice the operating life. Our eco-friendly LED tubes contain no mercury and require no special method of disposal after their average 50,000 hours of illumination. Cut your energy usage in half, improve the brightness of your space, and reduce maintenance by converting your fluorescent fixtures with 4ft LED tube lights.

Making the Trade – Fluorescent to LED

You could replace your existing fixtures with all new ones, but what if you want the total benefits of LED lighting without a lot of work or electrical expenses? We have your solution! Change out your existing tubes for our ballast bypass 4ft LED tube light for T5 fixtures.

Reduce power consumption by eliminating the energy draw of your fluorescent ballast. With just a little bit of wiring, you can deliver power directly to your fixture’s sockets and no longer be bothered by the flickering of unreliable fluorescent lights.

Your Possible Savings!

Our T5-compatible LED tubes put out cold white (5000K) light and are created with a stable glass housing that prevents distortion or yellowing of your light. Fluorescents are known to yellow overtime, while our LED tube lights maintain their original color. This retention of quality means fewer replacements, saving you time and money.

At only 25W, these LED tube lights put out a staggering 3,500 lumens (140 lm/W). That’s much brighter than the original 25W fluorescent tubes that only produce 2,500 lumens. Plus, because these fixtures are so energy efficient, they are DLC-Qualified. This means that you could be eligible for energy efficiency rebates, cutting up to 99% of your fixture costs! See rebate-eligible LED lights.

The ELEDLIGHTS Difference

Our LEDs are manufactured to stringent quality standards and packaged securely for shipment. Our in-house process allows us to offer a 5-year warranty, 30-day no hassle returns, and help for every step of the way from our knowledgeable team. For more info, you can contact us at 215.355.7200 (East Coast) or 858.581.0597 (West Coast).