PECO Raises Electric Rates for Commercial Customers:

What you Need to Know & How you can Mitigate Costs

Effective June 1st, PECO (a major energy company in southeastern Pennsylvania) has implemented a 3% electric rate increase for commercial customers. We know this decision may spark concern among businesses in the region, as they evaluate how this rate hike will impact their operations and budgets. The good news is, PECO is also offering amazing financial incentives for commercial customers switching to solar and LED lighting – which will greatly reduce the impact of these higher electric rates.

Implications of Higher Energy Rates for Commercial Customers

The 3% increase in electric rates will impact operating costs for commercial customers—especially organizations that rely heavily on electricity, such as manufacturing facilities. It is essential for businesses like these to reassess their budgetary allocations and plan accordingly to accommodate this rate change. One important avenue for savings will be increasing operational efficiency by adopting energy-saving technologies. An often costly area where spending can be reduced for large facilities is lighting.

Evaluating Lighting Alternatives to Mitigate Rising Electric Costs

LED lighting and solar-powered lighting are both energy-efficient solutions that offer many advantages over traditional lighting options (such as fluorescent or incandescent lighting). With LED lights inside your facility and solar-powered LED lights outside, your business will cut energy consumption, cooling costs, and maintenance requirements. All helping free up your budget more.

Leveraging PECO Financial Incentives to Offset Upgrade Costs

PECO offers instant lighting rebates to commercial customers who make the switch to LED lighting and solar lighting. Their PECO Ways to Save program is designed to help offset the initial investment in efficient lighting solutions, making it easier for businesses to switch. By taking advantage of these rebates, businesses can lower upfront costs and accelerate their return on investment (ROI) when transitioning to more efficient lighting.

As a PECO Trade Ally, ELEDLights is able to process rebates instantly at the time of purchase. This makes the process of getting your incentives much easier. We do it for you, so there’s no hassle, just savings. With the amazing financial incentives available, our team has been able to save commercial customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Time after time, we’ve gotten high-quality LED lights into the hands of local business owners for just $1 a piece + tax!

Taking the First Step Toward Upfront and Monthly Savings

By embracing energy-saving lighting and taking advantage of PECO rebates, commercial customers in southeastern PA can reduce the impact of this recent electric rate increase while simultaneously receiving long-term advantages. To get started with choosing solar and LED lighting that will work best for your property and to learn about instant financial benefits your business is eligible for, reach out to our team of experts. We are ready to help you save big now and for years to come.