One of ELEDLIGHTS' hottest new products is our Outdoor LED Retrofit Kit. These lamp kits provide customers with an economical way to convert existing metal halide fixtures to energy-saving LED technology.  Perfect for installation in shoebox/parking lot lights, wall packs and canopy lights, these kits install easily and pay for themselves in no time by cutting power usage by more than half.  To convert your old fixtures, simply remove the existing bulb from the fixture, mount the retrofit kit inside the fixture and connect line voltage to the kit's driver unit, bypassing the old metal halide ballast.

Albert Shlamowitz, owner of the Redwood Village Shopping Center in Southampton, PA, recently purchased six 185W LED Retrofit Kits to upgrade his old and inefficient 400W Metal Halide parking lot lights. "I am very happy with the outcome of this project," says Shlamowitz. "The retrofit kits were very easy to install in the shopping center's existing fixtures. These lights are so bright and perform exactly how I hoped they would.  It's now impossible to miss Redwood Plaza while driving by."

"Also, our energy bill has been cut nearly in half. I am extremely pleased with my whole experience with ELEDLights and their staff," Albert adds.

Below are some photos of the retrofit kits illuminating Redwood Plaza at night: