New Lights Rev Up This Engine Shop

Scott Parks of Neil and Parks Racing builds race engines for dragsters. Recently he bought and installed new 8ft LED shop light tubes from ELEDLights to replace the fluorescent lights in his engine room. Here's what he had to say about them:

"Installation was super easy, as all I had to do was remove the ballast and run line voltage to each end. The first one I changed was in the office, and immediately it was like I added two MORE fixtures. It was that much brighter. The engine shop got looking very dim and the walls had a yellow tinge that I thought I was going to have to repaint. Turns out, that it was just the lights. Once that I installed the LEDs not only can I see again, but the walls weren't yellow; it was the old fluorescents making them look that way. The shop now looks clean and new again."

Neil and Parks Racing installs 8ft LED shop light tubes in their engine room

Scott purchased the 44W Ultra High Lumen 8-foot LED tube lights to replace his 8-foot T12 fluorescent shop light tubes.

Neil and Parks Racing is a chassis manufacturing facility and racing component and engine machine shop specializing in all-out maximum-effort drag racing engines. They built their building in 1993, with the 8' T12 fluorescents installed, and they weren't looking forward to having to change all the fixtures/conduit/wiring to upgrade their lights. But with these 8-foot LED shop light tube replacements, they didn't have to. Our shop light tubes fit their existing fixtures, and they just had to bypass the ballasts, a simple wiring task that takes a few moments per fixture. They have 16 fixtures in their building, a total of 64 bulbs, plus some specific-area lighting that accounts for another 12 to 16 bulbs they'll be replacing with new LED lights soon.

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UPDATE 12/4/15:
So impressed with the addition of LED tubes to their engine room, Neil and Parks Racing just recently purchased 60 additional 8 foot LED tubes from

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