Manncorp's offices are undergoing an upgrade from troffer-style fluorescent lights in suspended grid ceilings to new LED panel lights that fit right into the existing drop ceiling grid. At the bottom of this post, you'll find a photo taken during the installation that shows an old fluorescent fixture on the right and the sleek new LED panels on the left.

The difference in light quality and brightness is striking, and the panels look so much more modern.

Manncorp, a supplier of manufacturing equipment for the electronics industry, is the parent company of Manncorp has provided electronics manufacturers around the world with surface mount, through-hole and mixed-technology assembly equipment for over 40 years. All their equipment is supported by in-house technicians, many of whom have been with the company for ten or more years. Manncorp scores high ratings on customer service and support from their customers.

Their first experience with LED technology was in supplying LED manufacturers with pick and place machines specifically designed for LED product assembly. In the time since they sold their first LED placement machine, Manncorp has worked with a number of LED lighting manufacturers, providing both single machines and complete lines for assembling LED boards and LED drivers.

Manncorp has sales and services offices in San Diego, California, Huntingdon Valley (just outside of Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, Mexico, and Brazil. Visit Manncorp's site to learn more.

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Manncorp LED Panel Lights